Quadraturin | A Film by Laura Hypponen


Quadraturin is a film adaptation of a darkly comical short story by Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky, set in 1920s Soviet Union.

Sutulin lives in a tiny, cramped room in a communal Soviet apartment. A mysterious stranger knocks on his door and offers him a promotional sample of Quadraturin, a miracle product that promises to enlarge interior spaces.

Sutulin takes up the offer, with surprising consequences...


Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky (1887 - 1950)

Born in 1887, Krzhizhanovsky was a Ukrainian of Polish descent, who moved to Moscow in the 1920s, where he worked as a writer.

However, his fantastical imagination was deemed too daring for the times, and he spent most of his life unknown and unpublished. It wasn't until 1989 (more than 30 years after his death) that his works were unearthed from the archives - and 2006 when they were first translated into English by Joanne Turnbull.

Since the English-language publication of Quadraturin and other short stories by Krzhizhanovsky, his writing has been likened to Kafka and Borges; it's dark, twisted & philosophical, with a pitch black sense of humour.

"Even though written over 90 years ago, Krzhizhanovsky’s story feels fresh, biting and topical."

Laura Hypponen, Director


Laura Hypponen

Laura's gritty East London set debut feature Live East Die Young (2012) was nominated Best UK Feature at Raindance and Golden Hitchcock at Dinard. It was sold internationally by Paris-based Reel Suspects and distributed globally by iTunes.

Her subsequent ten-part art film series Ten Faces of Anna (2014) premiered as installation at Arts Council England supported Stanley Picker Gallery in Kingston, London, with episode Dolly winning Best Actor at ASVOFF Paris Centre Pompidou. It screened at international film festivals including the BAFTA-qualifying Aesthetica in York.

Laura's teaser for Charlie, a new British crime drama TV series, recently won Best Trailer award at Los Angeles Film Awards.

In addition to narrative films, Laura's work spans fashion films, music videos and experimental artist moving image work.

"We'd like to inspire people to find out about life under the Soviet rule, as experienced by ordinary people.

At times of political turmoil and rise of extremism in all quarters, it never hurts to look back at recent history to remind ourselves what a difference a political regime can make to our lives – for the better or for the worse. In that sense, I guess the film is a call against apathy!"

Laura Hypponen

"We want to make Krzhizhanovsky's work known by audiences world wide."

Laura Hypponen, Director


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